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Malaysian Floor Pattern Sport Dance Competition

Pertandingan ini bertujuan untuk memaparkan  keindahan dan kreativiti penciptaan “Pola Lantai” selain dari penciptaan gerak tari dan pemakaian kostum.

Mewujudkan kerjasama antara kementerian dalam memperkenalkan bahawa bidang seni tari juga adalah merupakan salah satu dari cabang sukan dan mampu membina jati diri serta memupuk semangat berpasukan.

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Popular Hong Kong Cantopop duo Twins was created in the summer of 2001, comprising of Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung. The duo started off with music that appealed to young teens before venturing into different music genres in 2004, earning them a wider fan base. Both ladies have since shed their image as innocent schoolgirls and evolved into two elegant and mature women.

Over the years, Twins has released 12 Canto-pop albums and four in Mandarin, as well as an array of EPs, compilations and live recordings. Their chart-topping hits, mostly related to young girls’ attitudes towards love and romance, play a major role in the shared memories of Hong Kong youth in the 2000s.


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Power Station 20th Live in Malaysia

One of the most enduring rock acts in the region, Power Station is back to entertain fans with their signature electrifying anthems! The powerful Taiwanese rock duo, comprising Yu Chiu-hsin and Yen Chih-lin, have performed together since 1997. Together, Power Station delivers rock ballads in their unique style, influenced by their indigenous music heritage.

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18th Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship 2017

WHERE WORLD CHAMPIONS ARE BORN! The Malaysia National Lion Dance Championship is a yearly affair where extraordinary lion dancers compete in a test of skills, endurance and concentration. Now in its 18th year, the biggest and most established high-stilt lion dance championship will be hosted right in the heart of Resorts World Genting! Teams from all over the country are ready to bring their best to the floor, showcasing their skills and showmanship on stilts after a year’s worth of practice. As teams defy limits and display their skills and talents, spectators will be treated to superb performances and colourful displays of lion dance props. Who will be crowned the Malaysian champion? Don’t miss out as teams go all out to prove their prowess.

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