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Location : International Youth Centre Cheras
Date 11 to 13 December ( 3 Days 2 Nights )24, 25, 26 & 27
Camp Type : Camp 1 : 9 to 12 Yrs
  : Camp 2 : 13 to 18 Yrs
Price : RM797.00 


Kids Group: 9-12
Youth Group: 13-18
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Inspire child to discover learning vs studying
  • Create interest and passion that drive children to learn more and automated
  • Learn different strategies to academic excellence
  • Inspire to have better understanding of core being, purpose in life and academic excellence
  • Setting and achieve goals
  • Create new and strong belief system in learning to achieve academic excellence
  • Learning to learn!

Action speaks louder than words!
Mastery in Action leads the child to a higher level of performance in their life!
Discover the learning purposes and make learning automated!
Parents, you don't need to chase after them to finish their school works or revision!


  • Booking will be closed 3 days before event or subject to instruction from the organizer.
  • No REFUND is allowed after a payment is made.